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The height is different on 4th gen 4Runners, some of them sit at 18 inches, some at 18.5 and some at 19 inches, the rear is 21 inches on these vehicles. The 112-620 springs provide about 2.5 inches of lift on the front end on 4Runners 2003-2009 and also let’s keep in mind that some of them are 8 cylinder engines and are a little heavier than a V6 so a lift can be different. We always advise to measure the stock height on these 4Runners before lifting the vehicle so that way we know exactly how much lift the vehicle requires to level it or lift it.

We’ve seen many many cases where the client cranks the front and ends up at 5 inches just to level the vehicle with the rear just to level it after a 2-inch lift on the rear. It is not recommended to have more than 3” of front lift.

Alignments specs:
Caster is 3 to 3.5 degrees and not more than 4
Camber is factory spec
Toe is factory as well