B8553 Skyjacker Shock Absorber for 1973-1974 GMC K25/K2500 Pickup (4WD) Rear

Check GMC K25/K2500 Pickup 4WD 1973, 1974 Skyjacker Shock Absorber 2.0-4.0" Rear Lift

Part number: B8553

Item manufacturer: Skyjacker

Item type: Shock Absorber

Product Data

Fully Collapsed Length (IN)16.16
Fully Extended Length (IN)27.19
Lower Mount FullEyelet
Upper Mount FullEyelet
CategoryBlack MAX Shocks
Collapsed Length16.16
Extended Length27.19

Fitment Information

Lift Start (IN)2.0
Lift Finish (IN)4.0
NoteRear with 2 in. Lift
NoteRear with 2.5 in. Lift
NoteRear with 3 in. Lift
NoteRear with 3.5 in. Lift
NoteRear with 4 in. Lift


1973-1974 Chevrolet Blazer (4WD)
1987-1991 Chevrolet Blazer (4WD)
1976-1976 Chevrolet K10 (4WD)
1979-1980 Chevrolet K10 (4WD)
1982-1982 Chevrolet K10 (4WD)
1984-1986 Chevrolet K10 (4WD)
1973-1975 Chevrolet K10 Pickup (4WD)
1977-1978 Chevrolet K10 Pickup (4WD)
1981-1981 Chevrolet K10 Pickup (4WD)
1983-1983 Chevrolet K10 Pickup (4WD)
1973-1981 Chevrolet K10 Suburban (4WD)
1982-1986 Chevrolet K10 Suburban (4WD)
1975-1975 Chevrolet K20 (4WD)
1978-1979 Chevrolet K20 (4WD)
1983-1984 Chevrolet K20 (4WD)
1973-1974 Chevrolet K20 Pickup (4WD)
1976-1977 Chevrolet K20 Pickup (4WD)
1980-1982 Chevrolet K20 Pickup (4WD)
1985-1986 Chevrolet K20 Pickup (4WD)
1973-1981 Chevrolet K20 Suburban (4WD)
1982-1986 Chevrolet K20 Suburban (4WD)
1977-1986 Chevrolet K30 Pickup (4WD)
1975-1986 Chevrolet K5 Blazer (4WD)
1973-1991 GMC Jimmy (4WD)
1975-1986 GMC K15 (4WD)
1975-1978 GMC K15 Suburban (4WD)
1973-1974 GMC K15/K1500 Pickup (4WD)
1973-1974 GMC K15/K1500 Suburban (4WD)
1979-1981 GMC K1500 Suburban (4WD)
1982-1986 GMC K1500 Suburban (4WD)
1975-1978 GMC K25 (4WD)
1975-1978 GMC K25 Suburban (4WD)
1973-1974 GMC K25/K2500 Pickup (4WD)
1973-1974 GMC K25/K2500 Suburban (4WD)
1979-1981 GMC K2500 (4WD)
1982-1986 GMC K2500 (4WD)
1979-1981 GMC K2500 Suburban (4WD)
1982-1986 GMC K2500 Suburban (4WD)
1977-1978 GMC K35 (4WD)
1979-1981 GMC K3500 (4WD)
1982-1986 GMC K3500 (4WD)

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